How to obtain family residency in the UAE?

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Obtaining residency in the beautiful up-and-coming country of the UAE is a fairly easy process, even if the whole family plans to move. We will go over all the details of obtaining family residency in the United Arab Emirates.

What is family residency?

This is a residence permit for the resident's family. The applying family member is referred to as the sponsor, and the relatives receive sponsor visas.
To obtain a resident visa in the UAE, you can:

  • Enter a university or college in the Emirates
  • Buy a property
  • Get an official job
  • Start a business
  • Get a freelance license

When a sponsor obtains UAE residency, the rest of the family can also accept this status.

Which family members can get a visa?

  • Spouses
  • Children
  • Parents

To obtain a visa for parents, it is necessary to prove that the UAE resident is the only one capable of caring for them.

Validity of a family residency

The validity period is determined by the sponsor's residence. That is, if the sponsor is granted a visa for two years, relatives can also stay for two years. It is possible to renew after the visa expires. If the residency is not renewed on time, the sponsor is considered an illegal immigrant and can be fined or deported.
When the sponsor's visa is cancelled or expired; the dependent relative's document acquires a pending status. Then the sponsor and his family can extend or cancel visas for a period of 30 days. It is worth noting that first the relatives' visas are finalised, and after that, the sponsor's visa is to be finalised.

How to apply for a family resident visa?

These are the following documents required:

  • UAE ID
  • Passports of all family members
  • Copy of personal resident visa
  • Application in a special form
  • Employment contract, labour card (if necessary)
  • Information about the level of wages
  • Documents confirming the right to own or lease real estate
  • Documents confirming business ownership (if residency is through a business)
  • Certificate from an educational institution in the UAE
  • Medical examination of all family members
  • Photo
  • Legalized birth and marriage certificates
  • Lease agreement for an apartment
  • Last received utility bill

All documents must be submitted to GDRFA.

Conditions for family residency in the UAE

  1. A place to live for each family member who plans to obtain a visa.
  2. Income from 20,000 dirhams.
  3. Health insurance with minimal coverage for each family member.

Obtaining a family residency provides numerous opportunities. The method is considered the most popular among visitors to the UAE because of the simple visa process.

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