How to open a private clinic or dental office in the UAE

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Paid medical services occupy a significant share of the market in Dubai with consistently high demand, making it economically advantageous to open a private clinic in the UAE. A dental office, diagnostic center, or multi-specialty clinic would generate high profits if you manage to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for patients, providing quality service and care.

Why Many Choose to Open Clinics in Dubai

Medical services are in demand everywhere. With a decent standard of living in the UAE, the population, which is constantly increasing, strives to take care of itself. Locals and expatriates prefer to seek care at private clinics specializing in narrow fields (such as dental clinics, reproductive health clinics) and multi-specialty medical centers. Additionally, medical tourism is well-developed in Dubai – many come specifically to receive quality medical care.

In addition to the demand for various services – from dentistry and aesthetic medicine to rehabilitation after surgical interventions – opening a business in the UAE has other advantages:

  • Economic stability;
  • Developed business infrastructure;
  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • Transparency of legislation, absence of corruption;
  • Ability to repatriate income without restrictions;
  • Tax and other incentives in free economic zones (FEZ).

The Concept of a Medical Clinic in Dubai

Quality service, proximity to the target audience in terms of perception and values, qualified doctors and nurses are the key to the prosperity of dentistry or medical clinics in the UAE. However, even quality services may go unclaimed if market analysis is not conducted beforehand and the economic feasibility of opening a business is not ensured.

As most clinics are commercial, management of free economic zones (FEZ) follows business conduct rules when issuing licenses and registering companies. If there are many clinics of your specialization in the chosen location, you will not obtain permission to open. Therefore, the first step in developing a concept is to assess the market situation.

Based on the market analysis, decide on the format. You can open a specialized business (dental clinic, ophthalmology clinic, family planning center) or a multi-specialty medical center. Also, choose the price segment (economy, middle class, upper-middle class, VIP) and determine the target audience.

Moreover, when developing the concept of dentistry or medical center, it is important to properly select the combination of specialists who will provide medical services:

  • Doctors who bring in the main revenue. Usually, these are specialists with an average check: therapists, pediatricians, urologists, cosmetologists, gynecologists, surgeons, dentists, neurologists;
  • Specialists who generate additional revenue – gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, dietitians.

It is very important to logically form connections – referrals between specialists. For example, a gynecologist may refer a woman for additional examination to an endocrinologist, and if there is no such doctor in the clinic, the patient will go to competitors.

What Type of Clinic Can You Open in Dubai

DHHC offers patients a wide range of services. Ophthalmology, dentistry, home-based laboratory diagnostics, psychiatry, and psychology are relatively underdeveloped in Dubai. Clinics "for Russians" are also in demand in Dubai (both multi-profile and narrow-profile – for example, dental, gynecological, and pediatric offices), as expatriates prefer to go to "their own".

Healthcare Activity in Dubai

Healthcare in the UAE is predominantly private: in Dubai, only 16% of institutions are state-owned. All private clinics and medical centers are regulated by one body – the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), while in other emirates – by the Ministry of Health.

In the UAE, there are special free economic zones (FEZ) for the medical business, such as Dubai Healthcare City (DHHC). Pharmaceutical company offices, rehabilitation centers, clinics, dental offices, hospitals of another profile, medical educational institutions, and research centers operate in this zone.

How to Open a Clinic in Dubai

The general procedure for opening a private medical clinic or dental office in Dubai is as follows:

  • Economic analysis, demand and supply assessment, business concept.
  • Legal matters. It is necessary to obtain preliminary approval, register the company, and obtain a license.
  • Finding a location and signing a lease agreement. The space for the private clinic or dental office should correspond to the services you intend to provide, so first coordinate the business concept with the management of the Free Zone.
  • Recruiting doctors and medical staff, selecting candidates, concluding employment contracts, and arranging visas. Doctors and nurses from Russia require a license; to obtain it, they need to pass an exam in their specialty in English and validate their diploma - this takes one to two months.
  • Ordering equipment, furniture, and interior items. It is important that the medical equipment is functional, has all the necessary certificates and documents.
  • Automating the operation of the medical center or office. An information system is needed to coordinate the work of administrative staff, doctors, and nurses, making it convenient for patients.
  • Developing marketing activities for the clinic or dentistry. To consistently generate profits, you need to give patients time to learn about the new clinic. However, you can help them by launching an advertising campaign shortly before opening.

Required Documents and Requirements for Opening a Clinic in Dubai

All doctors, including those practicing alternative and complementary medicine, and middle medical personnel need licenses. The director of a private clinic must also have a medical education. Strict requirements are also imposed on the premises of medical institutions. Each type of clinic has its own rules, which must be clarified on the official DHA website.

Cost of Opening a Clinic in Dubai

Registering a business in the UAE turnkey will cost a minimum of $25,000. The final cost depends on the type and number of required licenses, business format. For example, to organize the work of a multi-profile clinic, you need to buy more equipment, rent a larger space than if you decided to open a pediatric office. Contact The Level Consulting agency for an accurate calculation of the cost of opening a medical business in the format you envision.

Company Form when Opening a Clinic in Dubai

A medical institution on the territory of the Free Zone can have one of the following organizational and legal forms:

  • Representative office of a foreign company;
  • Branch of a local company opened on the main territory of the UAE;
  • Limited liability company.

How to Open a Dental Clinic in Dubai

A dentist can open a private office or a dental clinic offering a full range of services, including prosthetics, implantation, and aesthetic dentistry. The procedure is the same as for other private medical institutions: you need to confirm your qualifications, obtain a license, find premises for dentistry, and arrange them in accordance with the regulator's requirements.

Registration Procedure on the Official Portal of the Dubai Health Authority

To obtain a DHA license, you need to register on the official website of the authority. You can also submit an application there. You need to provide all documents, permits, medical certificates (attach scanned copies). A decision will be made after reviewing the application. The absence of necessary documents or errors will result in refusal, so for company registration in the UAE, contact the professionals of The Level Consulting consulting agency.

Recognized Title of Specialties by DHA for Licensing

To confirm qualifications in Dubai, you need to use a special catalog - if your specialty is on the list, you can get a license and practice. For example, the following dental specialties (training areas) are recognized:

  • Restorative dentistry;
  • Dental radiology;
  • Maxillofacial surgery;
  • Oral dentistry;
  • Forensic dentistry;
  • Primary dentistry;
  • Pediatric dentistry;
  • Periodontology;
  • Prosthetics;
  • Endodontics.

To certify, you will need a diploma, a certificate from the previous place of work with recommendations (a labor book with a translation will be suitable), a cover letter, and certificates of advanced training.

Based on the review of the documents, the Ministry of Health may confirm that the specialty corresponds to the one indicated in the catalog or refuse to issue a license. There is also a third option - in some cases, the interested person is recommended to undergo additional training or pass an exam.

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