How to Open an Educational Institution in Dubai

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The pace of economic, social, and technological development in Dubai makes it one of the most promising options for starting a business in the education sector. However, it is important to study in advance how to open an educational institution in Dubai so that the company complies with state requirements and local conditions in the emirate for educational activities.

Advantages of starting an education-related business in Dubai

Both novice entrepreneurs and experienced investors choose the UAE to open a company in the private education sector not only because of the constantly growing economic development coefficient but also due to other advantages of starting educational activities:

  • Accessibility of startup - due to government support for the education sector and a relatively straightforward activity licensing scheme in the United Arab Emirates;
  • Possibility of 100% foreign investment - foreign entrepreneurs can own all shares of the company regardless of the zone of business opening;
  • Favorable conditions for foreign entrepreneurs - the government offers special tax incentives for foreigners, as well as the absence of additional customs duties, which is especially relevant in case of relocating the institution with inventory and equipment;
  • Wide target audience - as economic attractiveness grows, so does the population of Dubai, increasing the demand for quality education for adults and children. Moreover, the UAE can serve as a platform for both face-to-face and online learning;
  • Currency regime - in Dubai, payment for educational courses is available in multiple currencies, simplifying interaction with potential clients.
  • In addition, opening an institution does not require the owner to hire local teachers and employees, and the favorable geographical location and multinational population allow attracting specialists and students from different countries and creating an international education project.

Special Features of the Education Business in Dubai

To open an educational institution in the UAE, it is necessary to consider the state requirements for starting a business in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the conditions of operation in the education sector within the framework of each emirate. Educational activities in Dubai are regulated by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Community Development, the UAE Department of Education, as well as the local authority Knowledge and Human Development Authority. Additionally, an additional requirement for such institutions obliges the founder to obtain approval from the Dubai Civil Defence Committee for Emergency Management.

The mandatory requirement for business licensing in the Emirates classifies educational activities as professional licenses, which are included in the favorable category within the free economic zone.

The type of license depends on the format of education:

  • Professional & Management Development Training - for professional education in business, management, marketing, and finance;
  • Education Support Services - for university preparation;
  • Child Skills Development Training - for preparing a child for school.

To open short courses in Dubai, a special license is also required: for example, Language Training for language courses or Motor & Motorcycle Driving Institutes for driving schools.

How to Open a Business in the UAE for Foreigners

Opening an educational institution, like any other business in the United Arab Emirates, should be done in several stages. First of all, it is important to determine the licensing format and the legal form of the company. This is necessary to determine the type of accreditation in accordance with the business scaling plan within the country and the choice of the regulatory authority. For example, accreditation by the Ministry of Education gives the right to operate throughout the UAE for both private and public companies, while KHDA accredits private academic and non-academic courses in Dubai.

The next step is to prepare a business plan and develop an educational program, which should be submitted simultaneously with the founding documents for trademark registration and the company's opening application in the standard form. Regulatory authorities, before issuing permission, verify compliance with international educational standards, the qualifications of teachers, and obtain approval from the Dubai Civil Defence. After that, the entrepreneur needs to pay a fee for opening the institution and licensing the activity, the amount of which depends on the specific type of education. Renewal of the educational activity license in the UAE is required once a year.

Launching training courses or opening a branch of a foreign university in Dubai is one of the promising types of business, as favorable conditions and government support provide favorable conditions for development, and a wide target audience stimulates high demand for private education. The Level Consulting company helps to open an educational institution in Dubai from scratch and choose the most suitable type of licensing.

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