Food Products Registration in Dubai

In the UAE, there is a procedure for mandatory registration of food products with the Dubai Municipality.

A mandatory requirement is to have a trade license and company in the UAE.

First, you will need to register on the Dubai Municipality (IRS) portal and then after checking the documents and confirming the registration, you will need to create a user.

To register food products, you must have the following information:

A clear image of the product from all sides of the packaging (artwork), illustrating all related information about the product.

2. Required documents:

  • Barcode;
  • Product article;
  • Product name;
  • Photo or artwork;
  • The country of origin;
  • Net weight;
  • Brand name;
  • Storage conditions;
  • Manufacturer (factory) and its address;
  • Date of manufacture and expiration date;
  • Type of packaging;
  • Other details may be requested by Dubai Municipality.

Other documents or certificates may be requested (depending on the product), for example: Organic Certificate, Hala Certificate etc.

Upon completion of registration of the goods, its required to submitted a “Consignment release permit” and then an inspector will conduct inspection at customs, where all documents (invoice, certificates, packing list) and the goods will be checked. Initially, you can bring the “Sample Box” of your products.

If your packaging does not have a description in Arabic, then you will need to create a label in Arabic in accordance with the requirements of the Dubai Municipality and pass the label assessment process. After that it will be necessary to stick labels on the goods and call the inspector again.

If you are planning to open a shop or kiosk in Dubai, then the next step is to register with Food Watch where you will need to submit the interior design and your UAE trade license.

If your product was not described in Arabic, you must also obtain permission to relabel the product from Food Watch.

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