Office Rent

Different types of businesses in the UAE have different requirements for office or production space. The amount of floor space required is determined by the number of employees who require an Emirates residence visa as well as the type of license required for the company to operate.

Free zones (free economic zones - FEZ) are restricted areas within the UAE with each having its own set of laws that govern business operations. A company registered in one of the free zones can rent either a "real" or "virtual" office, depending on the requirements of the registration authority.

The Level Consulting takes an individual approach to find a location for renting a room that will meet both the business needs and the jurisdiction’s registration requirements.
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Our advantages

We understand the importance of professionalism and expertise in running a business in the UAE. Our strengths include bank account opening, tax and accounting, legal services, and the processing of all necessary’s documents. You can start a new company or run an existing one in the Emirates and have a reliable friend in the form of our company because we value our customers and offer professional support 24/7.

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    Years of Experience

    The portfolio of our specialists includes a large number of successful cases and solutions for many extraordinary tasks. Using our experience, we strive to find the best solution for each client, working for the end result.

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    Professional Team

    It’s important for us to provide our clients with a broad range of services, ensuring their maximum comfort in this way. That is why We have assembled a team of experienced professionals in company registration, account opening, legal and accounting services, licenses, and nominee services.

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    Our company is concerned with the security of the client's confidential information and personal data. To accomplish this, we have implemented a strict information security policy in the company and we conduct employee training regularly.

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    Support 24/7

    One of the main tasks of our team is to be there when we are needed. Therefore, we communicate with the client 24/7 in order to process the request as soon as possible.